This is my whole world honest.
Is it truth I'm giving away?
You say I'm outside giving it up, Is the upside better?
I don't know.

Sure we'll test the waters, we'll dance from coast to coast and we'll attain, we'll all attain
A hand that's stretched out forwards it's not a mere chance just take this hand

I'm lifting my whole world, I'm on it
And yes it's truth that I'm giving way
But when you're outside giving it up you said
You said the upside's better, yes the upside's better.

From coast to coast

If the outside is so surreal and in these walls there are no regrets
I knows these wounds they were made to heal again

A new walk of life that we can't forget
Wounds in these walls the whole world ignored

This is our whole world I want it and yes there's truth in all that I say
When I step outside our worlds can have a sweet reprise and is the upside better?
Yes the upside's better.


from You Are My Home EP, released May 27, 2015
All music and lyrics written by Track and Field
Recorded by James Atkinson at Mutiny Studios
Mastered by Rob Hobson at Silent City Studios



all rights reserved


Track and Field Leeds, UK

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